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Remo Stars coach makes passionate plea to former Super Eagles stars

Remo Stars Coach Daniel Ogunmodede

Remo Stars manager Daniel Ogunmodede has made a heartfelt plea to former Super Eagles players, encouraging them to pursue coaching careers to help elevate the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL). Known for his advocacy for improving the NPFL, Ogunmodede has highlighted the need for experienced hands to steer the league towards better quality and recognition.

Since joining Remo Stars in August 2022, Ogunmodede has made significant strides, guiding the club to a competitive title challenge last season. Despite his successes, he believes the NPFL would benefit immensely from the involvement of seasoned former players.

In a recent interview with Brilla, Ogunmodede stated, “I will be extremely happy. Imagine we have a Finidi, an Oliseh, and an Amuneke. Our league will also be the talk of the continent. It’s important to have these experienced individuals contribute to our football development. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise that can significantly improve the standard of the league.”

Ogunmodede, also known as ‘IJABALL’, has been vocal about the financial challenges faced by coaches in the NPFL. He has called on clubs to increase coaches’ salaries, acknowledging that better remuneration would attract and retain quality coaching talent.

The Remo Stars manager envisions a league bolstered by the presence of former Super Eagles stars who can share their vast experience and elevate the standard of play. He believes that if more ex-players like Finidi George, Sunday Oliseh, and Emmanuel Amuneke took up coaching roles, the NPFL would see tremendous growth and gain more recognition across the continent.

After narrowly missing out on the league championship last season, falling short by just five points, Ogunmodede is determined to start the new season strong. He aims to lead Remo Stars to another title challenge, hoping his call for experienced coaching talent will resonate and bring about positive changes in the NPFL.

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