Grassroots set to Sponsor BOOLU OGBE SUPER 4 in Enugu Announces Title Sponsorship for Inaugural BOOLU OGBE SUPER 4 TOURNAMENT in Enugu.

The Football Marketing Agency will sponsor the maiden edition of the BOOLU OGBE SUPER 4 TOURNAMENT, the largest tournament in the Coal City Football League in Enugu Metropolis.

In its quest to make the grassroots scouting process much easier for upcoming talent by allowing investors to invest directly in the next Messi or Ronaldo, will scout and sign the best player during the BOOLU OGBE SUPER 4 TOURNAMENT, and sponsor him to China where he will play in the Chinese football League.

The Football Marketing Agency recently sealed a partnership deal with Coal City Football League; Boolu Ogbe to host the first-ever massive BOOLU OGBE SUPER 4 TOURNAMENT in Enugu.

CEO of Peter Wong stated that ImPros is aimed at supporting and bringing investors to Nigeria to sponsor players to clubs and teams overseas.

“When I was chatting with my business partner, Sincerely, he described the situation about Nigerian football.
I thought why don’t we run a project to help gifted footballers, help them get maximum exposure and financial support?

“There are millions of investors worldwide seeking potential projects.

“Young players do not have to keep wishing on a star or borrow huge amounts of money to start playing professionally because ImPros will discover potential superstars, have all their data, and connect them to opportunities.

“My dream didn’t come true due to the undeveloped situation in my country at that time, but I could help others’ dreams come true”. He said.

As of September 2022, ImPros signed up over 200 players and 40+ coaches in Africa alone. It hopes to expand its team to other continents like Asia and South America in the future.

The platform is still in its early stages, but it has already attracted the attention of some big names in the football world. has partnered with the Fusion Football Championship, and it has also signed several high-profile players as brand ambassadors, including John Noble, Bernard Ovoké, and Ngweni Ndasi.

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