Coal Camp triumphs over Maryland in Boolu Ogbe Super 4 opener

Coal Camp defeated Maryland 2-0 in the Boolu Ogbe Super 4 opener sponsored by Football Marketing Agency.

Goals from Ebube Chukwu Daniel and Chinonso John we’re enough to see off Maryland at Nnamdi Azikwe stadium

In a thrilling start to the Boolu Ogbe Super 4 tournament, Coal Camp secured a convincing 2-0 victory over Maryland at the iconic Nnamdi Azikwe Stadium. The match, filled with intense moments and remarkable displays of skill, showcased the talent and determination of both teams.

The opening goal came from the gifted defender Ebube Chukwu Daniel, who capitalized on a well-executed team play to put Coal Camp in the lead early in the game. Maryland fought back fiercely, displaying commendable resilience and creating several scoring opportunities of their own. However, Coal Camp’s solid defense and strategic gameplay denied Maryland any chance of equalizing.

As the game progressed, Coal Camp maintained their dominance on the field, with Chinonso John adding to the scoreboard with a superbly executed goal, further solidifying their lead. Despite Maryland’s valiant efforts to stage a comeback, Coal Camp’s disciplined performance ensured that they held on to their advantage until the final whistle.

The victory marks a promising start for Coal Camp in the tournament, setting the stage for what promises to be an exhilarating competition ahead. With their impressive display of skill and teamwork, Coal Camp sends a strong message to their competitors and asserts themselves as serious contenders for the Boolu Ogbe Super 4 title.


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